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Airfield Rules and Regulations

  • In accordance with the established AMA safety code governing the flying of radio-controlled aircraft: No individual will operate model aircraft while under the influence of alcohol or while using any drug which could adversely affect the pilot's ability to safely control the model.
  • Flying site must be kept clean of rubbish and trash. Trash is to be placed in containers or taken home when leaving site.
  • All flying of aircraft is restricted to current members of AMA and their guest. A T.O.R.C.S. member must be on the premises when guest are flying. Guest that are flying must be members of AMA. It is the responsibility of any members to make sure guest have a current AMA card.
  • Pilots must fly from marked pilot's station.
  • A frequency board is provided for control of all radio frequencies including 2.4.GHz. Flyer must place AMA Card into slot prior to removing pin. If there is no pin and no AMA card in the slot, do NOT turn transmitter on until pin is found. A check of all transmitters must be conducted in order to be sure one is not on. Anyone not following this procedure may be held responsible for replacement of an aircraft that has crashed due to a violation of this rule.
  • Flying alone is permitted but not recommended. The pilot can be injured with no one available fro assistance or emergency care. Each pilot must have a spotter when more than one pilot is flying. Spotter or pilot must make an announcement when retrieving an aircraft on the runway. Beginners must have a member with a buddy box assisting them.
  • Pit area is not to be used for starting or running and adjusting engines. To do so may cause dirt and debris to be blowing into other pilots. If radio should fail someone could be injured. Use common courtesy. Breaking in and adjusting an engine should be done in a designated area.
  • Spectators and non-flying guest are welcome, but must stay out of the pits, pilot stations, and runway. To do so can void insurance coverage.
  • Pets must be on leash and not permitted in pits or around aircraft. Dog owners are responsible for cleaning up after their dogs.
  • All take-offs and landings must be done into the prevailing wind. The flight pattern must be upwind with turns in one direction in order to maintain a racetrack pattern. This will insure that flying will be done in uniform manner avoiding mid-air crashes. Landings and takeoffs should always be announced and dead stick landings have priority. No hand launching except from the runway. Pilot must announce such intention prior to launch and immediately clear runway.
  • No off-road, dirt bike or other wheeled vehicles allowed on the runway.
  • T.O.R.C.S. is a family oriented club. Foul language should not be used, especially when spectators and children can overhear it.